POC Fundraiser

Hand Crafted Gourmet Pierogies Free delivery to your school Free handouts and ordering forms Website orders available No out of pocket expense!

Our fundraising program is unique and easy to execute. We provide you with flyers announcing Pierogiesofcleveland.com and our intention to help you raise money. We can customize this announcement to include the reason for the fundraising if you would like (i.e. new Challenge Day, annual trips, building repairs, uniforms or any other special efforts). The flyer will explain the steps necessary for interested participants to place their order either by going online to Pierogimarket.com or placing an order directly with the student fundraiser members (you then place one bulk order to us at the end of your fundraiser).

For every dozen of Pierogies purchased, you will earn $1.00. The prices on our website won't change and you will have no out of pocket expense. The $1.00 that we credit you comes directly from a reduction in our overall profit. Research shows that the average order is for five dozen pierogies. Many orders are for 10 or 15 dozen or more! You can quickly earn money for your organization.

We will deliver all orders to the school or organization at a designated pick up time. Our pierogies are each hand crafted with fresh, quality ingredients. We offer 20 varieties to choose from and they are competitively priced from $5 to $8 per half dozen.

Finally, this fundraising effort is a win/win for all parties. This is an easy way for you to earn money for your organization and provide an economical and delicious dinner option. Our incentive is two-fold: Even though we are selling our regular items for a discounted price we hope to make it up in volume and winning new customers. Additionally, it allows us to give something back to communities and groups that need funding to continue to operate.

How Pierogies of Cleveland Food Fundraising Works: 1. Start by contacting us, we will then set up your fundraising campaign, and send out brochures to you for your team.

2. Get your team to show the brochure and sales materials to friends and family so they can purchase and pay for Pierogies during your sale.

3. Family and Friends have the options to place orders with one of your members or they can place their order via our website. There is a code listed on your order forms that your customers will need to use during checkout so that their orders will be credited to your fundraising campaign.

4. At the end of your sale gather the order forms and money and tally them all together.

5. Place your Pierogies of Cleveland Fundraising order with us by phone or email

6. We ship the products to you within 2 weeks of your order, which you then distribute to your participants.

We look forward to working with you and helping to support efforts to better your community.

Pierogies of Cleveland